Eco-Friendly Environmental Technology

  • Screening of effective salt-tolerant mushroom strains for managing and recycling environmental organic wastes
  • Screening of effective algae for decontamination of radioactive water, soil and solids
  • Multi-Stage Deodorization System using effective deodorizing micro-organisms
  • Environment-friendly Comprehensive food waste Recycling (encore) System using Salt-tolerant Mushroom Strains
  • Renewable Biomass Energy
  • AgTech and AgriFood Technlogy using ICT, IoT, Bigdata and AI Deep Learning Technology
  • Sustainable Tandem Vertical Farming System

Natural Ecosystem Process

Global Change Program, University of Michigan

Organic Waste Recycling using Natural Eco-system Process

Screening of Effective Micro-Organisms

  • Cultivation of Salt-Tolerant Oyster Mushroom Strain (DH-1012)
  • Cultivation of Salt-Tolerant Lion’s Mane Mushroom Strain (DH-4011)

Screening of Effective Algae

  • Cultivation of Microalgae growth at high concentration of 10mm or more Cs decontamination
  • Microalgae Chlorella sp
  • Microalgae Coelastrella sp
  • Cultivation of Microalgae growth at high concentration of 10mm or more Sr decontamination
  • Microalgae phormidum sp

Deodorizing with Effective Micro-organisms

Naturally screened effective micro-organisms which decomposes odorous gases into deodorant constituent elements.

Nuclear Energy Technology

  • Performance and Safety Analysis of the Nuclear Power Reactors
  • Nuclear Safety and Severe Accident Analyses Code Development
  • Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems Development
  • Passive Heat Removal System Development for the Spent Fuel Pol and Dry Storage Cask
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning R&D using Effective Algae
  • Clean and Renewable Nuclear Energy Development using Nuclear Spent Fuel

Renewable Energy Technology

  • Renewable Biomass Pellet Fuels, RDF
  • Carbonized Biomass Renewable Energy
  • UNDP CDM Project
  • CO2 Footprint for CO2 Trading
Clean &
Nuclear Energy
  • Passive Nuclear Spent Fuel Pool Cooling System
  • Passive Heat Removal System for Dry Nuclear Spent Fuel Storage Cask
  • Clean and Renewable Energy using Nuclear Spent Fuel