Korean ENvironmental & ENergy Technology Laboratory

KENTLab is the Center for Excellence in Innovative BioSystems and clean Energy Systems Technology at Environment and Energy Technology (en2t). The mission of KENTLab is to develop eco-friendly BioSystems to monitor, manage and recycle environmental organic wastes as well as to develop innovative clean nuclear energy systems. KENTLab promotes global technical collaborations to develop novel technologies and products and also to strengthen its R&D capacity and build business development pipelines. KENTLab aims for the world’s leading edge eco-friendly BioSystems and innovative energy systems R&D Laboratory.

KENTLab's Core Technologies

Environmental Technology

  • Screening of effective salt-tolerant mushroom strains for managing and recycling environmental organic wastes
  • Screening of effective algae for decontamination of radioactive water, soil and solids
  • Multi-Stage Deodorization System using effective deodorizing micro-organisms
  • Renewable Biomass Energy and UNDP CDM Project Development
  • AgTech and AgriFood ICT Smart Vertical Farming Technology Development using ICT, IoT, Bigdata and AI Deep Learning Technology

Nuclear Technology

  • Nuclear Safety and Severe Accident Analyses Code Development
  • Passive Heat Removal System Development for the Spent Fuel Pol and Dry Storage Cask
  • Decontamination and Decommissioning R&D using Effective Algae
  • Clean and Renewable Nuclear Energy Development using Nuclear Spent Fuel

R&D Landscape

  • Salt-Tolerant Mushroom Strains for Foodwaste Recycling
    Naturally screened Oyster Mushroom Strains, which can be cultivated up to 3% salt concentration of the foodwaste compost.
  • Multi-Staged Deodorization System
    Cascade type de-odorizing system using effective micro-organisms and carbon based porous medium
  • Foodwaste Recycling Plant using Salt-tolerant Mushroom Strains Environment-friendly Foodwaste Recycling plant using salt-tolerant oyster mushroom Strains.
  • Alternative CO2 Reduction using BioMass Energy System and CDM Project
  • Innovative Nuclear Energy System
  • Advanced Nuclear Safety and severe accidnet Code Development
  • Safety and Performance Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant Systems and Equipments