Renewable Biomass Energy

  • Renewable BioMass
  • BioMass Pellet Fuel
  • Carbonized Biomass Fuel

Functional BioFeed, Organic Fertilizer and Renewable Biomass Energy

After the harvest of mushroom, the left over mushroom compost renewable biomass is processed for the separation of the foreign materials (vinyl and plastics), crushed in smaller sizes, dried, and packed in a bag of 20 kg as raw materials for the functional biofeed additive, organic fertilizer or further fabricated for the pellet fuel, RDF and carbonized fuel renewable energy.

Since the renewable biomass contains variety of minerals, vitamins and organic elements as well as the antibody and immunizing agents from the cultivation of mushroom, it provides rich functional ingredients and nutrition for the livestock and for the plants through functional biofeed and organic organic fertilizer.

Also, the renewable biomass generates 4,300 cal/g of high energy and can be used for pellet fuel or RDF as biomass renewable energy. If the renewable biomass is carbonized, the carbonized fuel generates 6,000 cal/g and can replace coal for the fossil power plants and reduces CO2 resulting in emission gas credit as a CDM project for the carbon trade business.