Sustainable Vertical Farming for Mega‑Cities

Organic Waste Recycling

  • Recycling Food Waste and Waste Water.
  • Recycling Vertical Farming Organic Wastes.
  • Recycling Mushroom Compost for Organic Fertilizer and BioFeed.
  • Alternative New and Renewable Biomass Energy : RDF, Soft Coal.

Benefits of Sustainable Vertical Farming


    Environment & Society-Friendly Food Waste and Waste Water Recycling


    Sustainable & Environment-Friendly Green Business Opportunity


    Fresh Well-Being Food and Abundant Urban Life


    Sustainable Human Habitats

Sustainable Vertical Farming for Mega-Cities

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Tandem Sustainable Vertical Farming System

  • Tandem Vertical Farm Arrangement :
  • Sunny Window Side : Vegetable Farm
  • Dark Center Space : Mushroom Farm
  • Tandem Ventilation : Air Circulation
  • Vege Farm O2 Mushroom Farm
  • Mushroom Farm CO2 Vege Farm
  • Tandem Vertical Transportation
  • Automatic Transportation System from Farm to Market Shelf
  • Customer : Harvest and Purchase
  • Tandem Product Recycling
  • Vege Farm Organic Waste Mushroom Compost for Mushroom Farm
  • Mushroom Compost Biomass Organic Fertilizer for Vege Farm
  • Mushroom Compost Biomass Functional BioFeed for Caterpillar Future Food
  • Caterpillar compost Organic Fertilizer for Vege Farm
  • Create Rich and Abundant Urban Life and Culture
  • Concert Hall, Restaurant, Department Store, Supermarket, Movie Theater, Sports Center, Book Store, Cafe
  • en2t PCT Patent Pending No. PCT/KR-2016-014618 :
  • Tandem Sustainable Vertical Farming System for Urban Shopping Centers in Mega-Cities

Tandem SVF System

From Farm to Market Shelf

Challenges of ICT for Sustainable Vertical Farming

Test Bed for ICT

  • DROMS (Drone Monitoring System)
  • Growing stage & disease, Treatmanet
  • CEA
  • Temperature, Humidity, Water, CO2, Light Frequency
  • Automatic HVAC System : O2/CO2 Ventilation
  • iFarm-MP Management Platform
  • IoT : Self-control
  • Big Data Management
  • Growing stage, Disease Treatment, Product Quality, Inventory
iFarm - MP

Application of ICT

  • Product Management
  • Growing stage, Product Quality, Production
  • Big Data & Deep Learning
  • Observation, Disease Diagnosis & Treatment, Product Quality Control
  • Big Data, Deep Learning and IoT Management Platform : iFarm-MP
  • Growing, Disease Diagnosis & Treatment, Inventory, Quality Control, Marketing, Distribution, Advertisement, Trends and Financial Database

High Value-Added Well-Being Product Portfolio

  • 1Mushroom : Rich Nutrition & Antibiotics
    • Mushroom Snacks
    • Mushroom Health Food
    • Mushroom Powder: Seasoning, Mushroom Soup
    • Mushroom Noodle
    • Mushroom Extract Capsule
  • 2Organic Fertilizer :
    • Vege Garden
    • Gardening
    • Landscaping and Farming
  • 3Biofeed : Rich Nutrition & Antibiotics
  • 4Renewable Biomass Energy :
    • RDF (4,300 cal/g)
    • Carbonized Fuel (6,000 cal/g)Gardening
  • 5CO2 Reduction :
    • Potential for UNDP (UN Development Program) CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) CO2 Trading Business

Simply Organic

Sustainable Vertical Farming Projects

Date Project Name
2015-15 en2t Patent Pending No. 10-2015-0180727, "Tandem Sustainable Vertical Farming System for Uban Shopping Centers in Mega-Cities"
2016-01 MOU on Strategic Sustainable Vertical Farming Business Alliance with Sky Greens, Singapore