Currently, world population is predicted to exeed 10 billion by the year 2050 and we need 70% more food and 50% more energy. This is the challenge of humanity for the ecological footprint, i.e., human demand on the nature. We need integrated solution to resolve this sustainablility issue facing humanity. en2t challenges to provide eco-friendly integrated and comprehensive solution to address significantly unmet needs of food, environment, energy and population facing Mega-Cities.

Human being has never been perfect. But we became the onlty species on this Earth to create and control our own evolution through dreaming for the future with increadible creativity and wisdom. We have dreams for sustainable human habitats, i.e., Mega-Cities, and innovative thoughts to sketch out our dreams. We would like to impact the status quo of the human habitats and thus the quality of human life with our most cutting-edge eco-friendly sustainable vertical farming technology.

Join us for a global sustainable vertical farming initiative and start to impact our habitats together.

Suk K. SimPresident & CEO

en2t’s Vision Statement for Global SVF Initiative

Since the dawn of this 21st Century, significant challenges have been predicted for the humanity by 2050 including energy, water, food, environment, and population together with other social issues. By 2030, two-thirds of the world population will live in an urban world, Mega-Cities, and the world population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050 and thus increasing food demand up to 70%. These are emerging challenges for humanity to overcome with new and advanced technology as well as our wisdom. We need integrated sustainable solution for the future human habitats, i.e., Mega-Cities.

Environment & Energy Technology (en2t en-squared-t), Inc., a BioSystems Venture Company, is developing Sustainable Vertical Farming (SVF) technology to resolve these emerging issues facing Mega-Cities. Sustainable Vertical Farm recycles food waste using salt-tolerant mushroom strains and grows mushrooms, i.e., oyster and lion’s mane mushrooms. Also, food waste is recycled into mushroom compost which can be recycled as organic fertilizer, specialty bio-feed and renewable energy sources. Using en2t’s tandem vertical farming system, sustainable vertical farms grow vegetables, flowers, healing herbs and future food such as wasps and caterpillars using food waste recycled organic fertilizer and specialty bio-feed. Sustainable organic and food waste recycling products thus include mushrooms, organic fertilizer, bio-feed and renewable biomass energy resource such as biomass pellet fuel and carbonized biomass fuel; all organic, better CO2 footprint and enhanced economics.

This innovative SVF technology can contribute to resolve both front and back end food problems, waste water, energy, environment as well as the population issues facing Mega-Cities. Currently, we have a laboratory scale SVF DEMO facility and we are promoting a SVF DEMO plant as a test bed for the Agrifood, AgTech, ICT, Big Data, and IoT smart farm technology. This SVF DEMO plant will also validate the infrastructure of the future human habitats through eco-friendly, sustainable and profitable innovative new business in the heart of the Mega-Cities.

Sustainable future has always been created by someone’s dream and sketch for the future with incredible creativity. We would like to share our ideas and sketches to build sustainable human habitats together.